The TABMIS project is implementing treasury and budget management information systems for the Ministry of Finance in Vietnam, aiming to reach the target of modernizing the stages of managing the national budget: estimating, dispersion, reporting, facilitating the responsibility of explaining the budget, and improving transparency in public finance management.

TABMIS responds to the need for finance and budget information to effectively serve the Ministry of Finance leaders in their guidance and management, and creates advantages for finance officials and the national treasury system.

In April 2006, the TABMIS project was officially piloted in coordination with IBM Singapore, Oracle Singapore and FPT (FPT IS ERP).

This project has been implemented in the Central State Treasury and provincial and city Treasury offices across the country. It involves four divisions of the Ministry of Finance, 700 provincial offices of finance and 40 ministerial institutes, and can be accessed by 5200 to 15,000 end-users.

As the sub-contractor for IBM, FPT IS is responsible for project and change management; designing and creating professional procedures; building, setting and customizing the application system; systems testing, user training and data conversion; piloting and large scale implementation; and providing hardware, warranties and support.