Data Center servies

Being in operation since June 2008, FPT's Data Center provides high quality services by advanced operation technology. Our Data Center techinicans are well-trained and have extensive domain experience.

In mid 2010, FPT IS opened the TELEHOUSE Vietnam joint venture with the KDDI and ITX groups. The joint venture, with FPT IS as the major shareholder, will provide international standard data center services in Vietnam and the region. KDDI is the Japan's second largest telecom group (with USD 37 billion of revenue in 2009) and one of the world's leading datacenter service providers with a network of data centers throughout the world.

TELEHOUSE Vietnam provides international data center services with equipments and operating system in the brand names of "TELEHOUSE ". Our services include: colocation, managed services, and other services-on-demand to help customers manage their system at lower cost and higher efficiency.

Employing the global TELEHOUSE standard, including facilities, operating system, security and quality assurance, TELEHOUSE Vietnam is able to meet client's requirements on device backup, configuration of ICT platform and providng operation supports for client's data centers. For complicated systems that need cooperation between data centers, KDDI and FPT IS will support TELEHOUSE Vietnam to provide consultation, design and maintenance services for clients, including general solutions and the whole system integration.

Colocation services:

FPT IS-Services' Co-location service is a tier- 3- standard service, which is designed to provide safe, reliable, and serviceable hosting solutions. Our services are supported by a state-of-the-art Datacenter with climate control and security, and a redundant, structured cabling infrastructure, power backup, internet connection, fire prevention and air conditioning system, offering a cost-saving  solution to increase productivity of customers. Our Collocation services provide the customer with the appropriate environment to accommodate hardware and to make it easy to access all the operational requirements, and to make maintenance technicians readily available.

The services include:

  • Space leasing for rack.
  • Leasing rack

Technical support:

TELEHOUSE VIETNAM provides a variety of technical services and customer support, which are carried out by experienced and well-trained experts. Our 24x7x365 customer support, via a single point of contact, is able to mobilize a team who instantly be present in-trouble- scenarios, using technical skills to maintain and prolong the maximum uptime of your infrastructure

Managed service:

With TELEHOUSE Vietnam's data center management services, your infrastructure is prepared to be  adaptable to the ever- changing business environment. Our methodology approach to data center services takes into consideration not only the technology but also business objectives. Through tight cooperation with customers, we are able to ensure 24x7 data accesses, performance improvement, and operational flexibility with minimal business disruption.

Relocation service:

TELEHOUSE Vietnam provides relocation service for client's server system. Being a professional IT service provider, TELEHOUSE Vietnam ensures your IT equipment to be relocated and reinstalled in a quick and safe manner.


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