FPT.SmartConnect – Connection between banks and securities companies

FPT.SmartConnect is designed and developed by FPT IS to help investor networks, securities companies and banks operate more smoothly and efficiently in accordance with the Ministry of Finance requirements that state securities companies must assign a bank to manage money paid to them by investors.


  • 2008 Venus Star award for best software for the banking-securities sector.

FPT.SmartConnect can be used by both banks and securities companies to ensure their  system up-time. In particular, FPT.SmartConnect comprises the following functions:

  • Provides an interface between securities companies and banks.
  • Automatically checks investor accounts and makes transfers to a designated bank; automatically encrypts data to match the standard of each individual bank.  
  • Verifies the securities company and bank's right to execute trading.
  • Stores trading history.
  • Synchronizes offline transactions when connected to the bank.

  • Meets money trading requirements of securities companies and trading procedures related to buying, selling and payment.
  • Connects investors, banks and securities companies.
  • Enables the investor to freely use their account to make payments through different banks.
  • Allows interactive communication and helps banks analyze information provided by securities companies.
  • Supports comparison and control of information between the bank's core system and the securities companies; provides tracking information to facilitate control of the connection.
  • Ensures security of online trading, resolves security matters, and warrantees data transmission according to international standards.

  • Viet Star Securities Company
  • Phuong Dong Bank
  • Mekong House Bank Securities Company and the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV)
  • Asia Commercial Bank
  • HDBank
  • APEC Securities Company
  • VPB Securities Company

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