FPT.eHospital – Hospital Management Information System

FPT.eHospital is a comprehensive software system for hospitals that manages all activities from the point of receiving patients to the time they leave the hospital. The software ensures the unification and optimization of resources and comprises various subsystems which are combined to create a unified information flow, bringing the hospital complete control. The software can easily be implemented as it is based on management procedures which were studied and designed using a sound scientific foundation. FPT.eHospital supports executive analysis in hospitals and, being an open system, it facilitates expansion and easy connection and integration with information current and future subsystems.

Titles and Awards

  • ADOC Award 2006, Taiwan
  • Sao Khue Award 2006
  • ICT Award  2005 winner
  • ASEAN ICT Awards 2012 - AICTA
  • Reception - Examination Management Subsystem: This is the information input for the FPT.eHospital Management System that ensures the whole system flows smoothly from the time patients are received to the time they are discharged from the hospital.
  • Non - Resident Fee Management Subsystem: Manages the detailed revenue from different sources in the hospital and each resident patient's deposits. It estimates the daily money collection reports for the accounting department to create receipts and enter them into the system's accounting and financial programs.
  • Para Clinical Management (Testing - Visual Diagnosis) Subsystem: Manages all testing and visual diagnosis results of patients throughout medical examination and treatment in the hospital.
  • Pharmaceutical Products - Chemicals - Medical Facilities Management Subsystem: Manages pharmaceutical products in the hospital as well as the performance of hospital drugstores.
  • Clinical Management (Resident Department) Subsystem: Manages all resident department performance information and detailed patient records.
  • Accounting - Financial Management Subsystem: Includes components such as: cash, budgeting, advances, banking, receivables and debts, expenses, turnover, fixed asset accounting, and other tools.
  • Assets - Facility Management Subsystem: Manages fixed assets and medical facility documentation such as detailed information relating to each asset including usage, transfer, and statistics reports.
  • Salary - Human Resources Management Subsystem: Comprehensively manages essential information on human resources and supports the management of salaries and increases, payroll printing, and pay-slips for all staff members.
  • Leader-Support Reports Subsystem: Retrieves all reports to serve the demands of management and hospital operations.
  • System Administration - Users Subsystem: Supports decentralized use for each person or group; monitors and checks data updates for the whole system and edits data when necessary.

  • FPT.eHospital not only provides IT applications but, more importantly, creates and encourages an innovative and scientific method of hospital management.
  • Reduces complicated administrative procedures, which saves office costs and unnecessary expenditures.
  • Increases the managerial effectiveness of the hospital directors. Less time spent on management will help the directors focus on important tasks to benefit both patients and hospital.
  • Promotes patient confidence by storing all the information on their history of treatment at the hospital.
  • Centralized database administration provides a consistent and synchronous database that exchanges information quickly and accurately among wards and departments.
  • Reports and statistics are easily retrieved from the data system to provide any hospital information requested by the directors, ensuring appropriate decisions and policies are made.

  • Trieu An Hospital Corporation, HCMC
  • Thien Hanh General Hospital, Buon Ma Thuot City
  • Odonto - Maxillo - Facial Hospital, HCMC
  • Thu Duc General Hospital, HCMC
  • Tam Duc Heart Hospital, HCMC
  • An Sinh General Hospital, HCMC
  • Nhan Dan Gia Dinh Hospital, HCMC
  • University Medical Center, HCMC (Unit No. 20)
  • Hospital for Tropical Diseases, HCMC
  • Sai Gon Ear Nose Throat Hospital, HCMC
  • Hoan My General Hospital, Da Nang City
  • Binh Thanh Medical Center, HCMC
  • Joint Venture Vietsopetro Medical Center, Vung Tau City

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