Successful implementation of website supporting personal income tax accounting 2009
Update 26/03/2010

On March 16th,2009, PIT project successfully introduced website  with functions of  supporting personal income tax accounting. Before that, this website was used to help for registration and issuing personal income tax code in 2009. At this time, both functions are in their operation in parallel.

Up to March  24, 2010, there have been nearly 3000 data files on personal income tax accounting sent successfully to the  processing center via the website. With  website tncnonline, paying organizations and individuals can look for and download documents instructing for the performance process of tax accounting, the installer , user guidelines for the supporting instrument of declaration , sending accounting data to Tax departments. The website also provides a list of documents, forms which allows users to search updated information on personal income tax. website

Moreover, the website also allows users to look for personal tax code and relevant information relating to personal business via information on tax codes or ID card/ Passport number. This result records the best effort of General Department of Taxation as well as PIT project in supporting for taxpayers to complete  personal income tax accounting obligation in a favorable, quick and accurate way.