Strategic cooperation with Cuu Long Pharmacy Import and Export Joint Stock Company
Update 29/09/2009
At 9:00, 9th minute, on 09th September 09, the signing ceremony on Strategic cooperation for IT application and development of ICT in Vinh Long province was made by Cuu Long Pharmacy Import and Export Joint Stock Company (PHARIMEXCO for short) and FPT Information System (FPT IS) in New World Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City.

The two sides commit to cooperate on the following content: FPT IS shall support PHARIMEXCO with special resources that help the company to build IT infrastructure and to introduce IT applications (ERP) into its business and manufacturing management.

The PHARIMEXCO also commit to support FPT IS during the application and development of FPT.eHospital software in client hospitals of the company inside and outside Vinh Long province.

In addition, FPT IS shall assist and team with PHARIMEXCO to expand the ICT market inside and outside Vinh Long province, including a number of fields such as: building ICT infrastructure, trading ICT products, e-Commerce, training IT Human Resources and IT services including consultation, advertising, warranty and maintenance.

The application of IT and ERP management program is expected to complete PHARIMEXCO’s infrastructure and enhance its operation engine for quality improvement, cost saving, greater earnings, better competitiveness and trade mark of the company.

Furthermore, taking the advantage of the leading general management software widely used in big hospitals such as Gia Dinh, Trieu An, and Tropical Hospital, FPT.eHospital is expected to help PHARIMEXCO bring added values to customers via its management and modernization of managerial and examination activities.