PIT Project has completed the design phase.
Update 09/11/2009

A meeting to preliminarily review the design phase and to kick off the testing phase of the PIT project was held on 29th October, 2009 in Hanoi. The meeting was attended by more than twenty staff who are working in the project steering committee, project management team, the professional team of the General Department of Taxation and team leaders of PIT.

At the meeting, the project team representative reported the project progress and proposed solutions to major issues expected to come. The leader of analyzing and testing team presented the achievement of the designing phase and suggested testing methodology for the next stage. By the end of the designing phase, there have been 57 seminars hold, 253 products relating to customer’s profession and 29 technical products to be completed and 25 internal periodicals and a number of documents to be published.

Mrs. Nguyen Thuy Loan (FPT IS), the leader of analyzing and testing team present in the meeting

Reports were also made by project staff to the Deputy Director of the General Department of Taxation (GDT), Ms. Le Hong Hai, which mentioned the progress and the result of the project. The project team also listen to the direction and recommendation of the GDT regarding the plan for the next phase
In 2008, FPT IS became the Primary Contractor of the PIT (Personal Income Tax) project in accordance to the contract signed with the GDT to manage an amount of 13-15 million taxpayers including enterprises, organizations and individuals. This is the largest object management software in the Southeast Asia and also the largest software and service project ever implemented by FPT with the total value of 15,5 million USD.