Opening application of Personal Income tax management (PIT)
Update 27/11/2009

After one year of deployment, on October 20th, Personal Income Tax Management Project (PIT) officially organized an opening ceremony for the ceremony in the sixth floor, HITC building, Cau Giay.

In 2008, FPT IS was the general contractor of “Personal Income Tax Management” Project (PIT) under the contract signed with General Department of Taxation of Vietnam in order to help State manage about 13 to 15 million enterprises, organizations and individuals in objects subject to this tax. So far, this has been the software managing the largest amount of object in Asian region. This is the largest software and service project that FPT has implemented with total value of 15.5 million USD

In the ceremony, Project team presented progress and proposed a general schedule of the project with main milestones in the next stage. After that, the Programming Team presented demo of some functions of the system among total 105 functions of Tax registration, Declaration form Processing, Tax accounting and Compliance management. These functions were completed configuration. Their interfaces and messages of basic systems were translated in Vietnamese.

In short, after one year of implementation, requirements of users have been reflected completely in the software, personal income tax management system in SAP environment and customers can implement examination of the system. This is an important milestone of the project, reflecting FPT software engineers’ ability to seizing control of a complicated system in a relatively short time. This is the effort of FPT IS project team with support of experts from SAP and Accenture.