Government invests in PPP model for integrated email system
Update 04/10/2011

The MIC is considering an integrated email system in State-owned agencies following the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model

The integrated email system for State-owned agencies is a major project being implemented nationwide by the MIC as part of the National Program for IT applications to create a broad electronic working environment in State-owned agencies in the 2011-2016 period, Professional consultancy from domestic and international experts is required to ensure the project's effectiveness.

On August 9, 2011, Vice Minister of the MIC, Nguyen Minh Hong, chaired a meeting to launch the Project on Solution Consultancy and Planning for the deployment of an integrated email system (Package MIC1-6) with the participation of the ITC Development Project in Vietnam Project Management Unit (PMU), the MIC1 e-Government Sub-committee and representatives from FPT, the successful bidder for Package MIC1-6.


MIC Vice Minister Hong highly values the feasibility of the project to build an integrated email system for Government agencies.

FPT's consultancy project includes the following seven main tasks:

  • Preparing a report on launching the project, designing a detailed plan for deployment and preparing a plan for exchanging information among relevant parties.
  • Assessing the actual state of the email system in ministry, department and Industry agencies in Vietnam, as well as the needs and regulations for replacing the current paper-based information exchange system with email.
  • Determining technological solutions to meet the demands of a shared email system in Vietnamese Government agencies
  • Examining technical proposals for integrated email systems and analysing the differences between the proposed system and the cost of programming for changing the current Government system to a shared email system.
  • Deciding possible solutions for deploying the later phase of the project (including requirements for information, level of service, indices for productivity, etc.).
  • Proposing a legal framework for the PPP model for information technology (IT) in Vietnam.
  • Conducting training courses on the implementation of PPP projects in the information technology field

 FPT representative Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung emphasized that the Consultancy Project will help the MIC verify the effectiveness of applying a PPP model for integrated email systems in Vietnam. Sub-contractor KPMG,  with its extensive experience analyzing PPP business models, will cooperate with FPT to analyze the appropriateness of investing in the PPP model for this project, as well as the level of capital required to connect State agencies and enterprises and how long the enterprise will be responsible for operating the system.

Sharing more about the integrated email system for State-owned agencies, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phuc, Director of the IT Application Promotion Department, reported that an ideal email system has been in the planning for two years. As the employer, the IT Application Promotion Department has already made an almost full assessment of the actual email situation in State-owned agencies and proposed specific solutions. FPT and KPMG can use this information to reduce the time needed for the consultancy project, and avoid overlap and waste.

Vice Minister Hong recognized that the project for an integrated email system is highly feasible because the technical solution is not very difficult and the subject is quite clear. The Vice Minister also said he hopes FPT's consultancy will set a precedent for the PPP model in IT projects in the future.


(By Xuan Bach - ICT News)