FPT Information System to organize Thanks Party
Update 11/03/2010

Tonight, 11th March 2010, the Thanks Party by FPT Information System (FPT IS) is about to take place at 18:00 in the Ballroom of Daewoo Hotel. This is an annual event to express the gratitude of the company  to customers who have trusted and offered FPT IS the work worth VND 3000 billion in total in 2009.

At the ceremony, Chairman Do Cao Bao shall make the opening speech and introduce the new Board of Directors of FPT IS. The company’s leaders will also stand side by side to express the gratitude toward customers for a successful year of FPT IS.

New FPT IS's B.O.D in ceremony

There is also an interesting music and fashion show performed by singers and models working in the company, in which the most unique feature is the “Ever Beauty” fashion show by beautiful FPT IS’ women who already have one child.  

FPT’s songs composed by Truong Quy Hai such as “FPT Dong song loi the" (FPT- the promised river” and "Hoi quan don xuan” (Gathering for Spring) will also be sung by FPT IS’ singers.