Contract with the Natixis Bank
Update 02/04/2010

On 23rd March, FPT IS Bank Ho Chi Minh City and Natixis Bank (France) contracted for the “Implementation of the State Bank Report System Version 2.0” (SBRS for short), according to which FPT IS shall be the software licensor and implementer of the State Bank Report System for Natixis Bank.

The State Bank Report System developed by FPT IS is able to meet almost requirements of the latest regulations by the State and features a number of outstanding functions such as: diversified report types; standard data architecture; integration with the data mapping system so that the SBRS is free from depending on the input data; multi data inputs; report authorization to the levels of each department, creator and sender. Specially, as an open system, SBRS allows users to define and create new report, and modify the data extraction of existing reports. This is the advantage that is suitable with regular changes of the state bank report system.

Recently, the majority of foreign banks are employing the international accounting system causing difficulties in making state bank report. Therefore, this report system is now the choice of a number of foreign banks in Vietnam. This software has been sold to more than fifteen banks.