Commending 117 globalization officers
Update 30/03/2010

A group of 117 officers working in FPT IS G, FPT IS BPO, FPT IS INF, FPT IS Bank, FPT IS TES have just been commended and awarded by the General Director of FPT IS, Mr. Duong Dung Trieu, for their great contributions to FPT IS’s globalization campaign in 2009. This policy aims at recognizing and encouraging FPT IS’s officers to engage in its globalization. A Globalization Fund has been established by FPT IS in 2010 to encourage its officers to make their contribution to the campaign.

At the commendation ceremony, representatives of globalization officers at different units met and exchanged with FPT IS’s Board of Leaders in friendly spirit. General Director Duong Trieu Dung highly appreciates their contribution last year and shows his sympathy to difficulties they faced in work. Chairman of FPT IS’s Board of Directors, Mr. Do Cao Bao also shows his great ambitions in FPT IS’s globalization in the coming time and calls on globalization officers to expand FPT IS’s market to global scale. FPT IS’s Board of Leaders said that policies for globalization officers will be completed as soon as possible.

In 2009, FPT IS’s globalization exceeded Break – even level with a total revenue of VND 36.5 billion, of which, profit accounted for VND 6 billion, which was one of the ten most FPT IS’s outstanding events last year. Fields that FPT IS focuses on in its globalization include ERP, IT service and BPO. FPT IS has provided ERP service for many customers such as Hitachi Joho, TIS in Japan, T-System in South East Asia and Tyco Global in America. FPT IS is making its effort to become an ERP service and resource providing centre in Asia – Pacific region, under its strategic cooperation with SAP. Regarding BPO field, FPT IS is providing financial accounting service for its ISC partner in Japan. The establishment of BPO joint venture between FPT IS and Itochu is being deployed. In respect of IT service, FPT IS is providing Managed Services for Daimler in Asia – Pacific region, system conversion service for T – system, and implementing and supporting service for Australia National Bank …

In the coming time, globalization is considered a strategic orientation of FPT IS, which targets to gain a revenue of VND70 billion in 2010.