Big C Vietnam SAP ERP system goes live
Update 09/03/2012

Thirteen Big C member companies conducted their first transactions using the newly deployed SAP ERP system on January 5, 2012.

The system had been piloted previously at the Big C stores in Thanh Hoa and Hai Duong and the FPT IS project team installed sales transactions data for the systems at the 13 remaining Big C companies as planned in the project.

The project team is now supporting Big C Thanh Hoa and Hai Duong in closing their first accounting period using the SAP system, which is expected to be completed on January 7.

FPT IS installed standard SAP features and reports that allow development and expansion according to user requirements, making it the foundation for creating more solutions for Big C. The company's previous system was implemented by foreign vendors and this project affirms FPT IS's capability to implement large scale SAP ERP systems as well as its experience consulting on international software applications for local users.