Accepting the first phase of the Information Exchange Project among the Taxation- the Treasury and the Customs.
Update 08/01/2010

The ceremony to accept the first phase of the project “Upgrading software system and implementing the first phase of the modernization of tax collection and payment among the Taxation, the State Treasury, the Ministry of Finance and the Customs” has taken place at the headquarter of the Ministry of Finance. The ceremony was attended by the acceptance team, the leader board, the project team and the representative of FPT IS.


Within two years of implementation, from September 2007 to October 2009, the project has gained notable achievement with 14 applications implemented in 33 provinces and 93 districts. 780 employees in the Taxation, the Treasury, the Ministry of Finance and the Customs have been trained with the Information Exchange solution and the budget collection procedure. The successful implementation of the project helps saving cost and man day in the calculation and synthesis of collected data, facilitating the taxpayers and keeping pace with the modernization trend of the national financial affair and the development of the e-Government.

In addition, with the successful implementation of the first phase, the Ministry of Finance is now preparing to deploy the project nationwide, in which 31 provinces and 600 districts shall be added. This project is also an important prerequisite that enables the Ministry to assign the budget collection to banks, creating an opportunity to implement connecting and budget collecting services for the banks. Recently, FPT IS PFS has been offering connecting services and budget collecting system for a number of banks including Vietinbank, Agribank, and BIDV.