10 highlights in 2009
Update 25/02/2010

1. Revenue increases by 10%, profit by 30%, standing the first place in profit contribution to the Corporation in 2009.

2. Profit marks positive in all member companies, in which FPT IS Bank became the largest earner among subsidiaries of the Corporation.   

3. The Globalization business exceeded the Break-even point with total revenue and profit of VND 36 billion and 6.08 billion respectively.  

4. The record-breaking ERP contract worth US$ 12.6 million was signed with Petrolimex.

5. The PIT project was going ahead to the application launch, which was the affirmation of FPT IS success, enabling the company to globalize its tax solution.

6. FPT IS became the primary contractor for provision of information technology system for the largest General Population and Housing census ever since.

7. The company was successfully equitized on 13th August 2009.

8. The eighth member company and the ninth functional department were founded namely FPT IS South and the Internal Audit Department.

9. FPT IS continued to confirm its leadership in cultural activities.

10. The 15-year anniversary was organized successfully (31st December 1994).