FPT Information System (FPT IS) is a member of the FPT Corporation. During more than 20 years of development, FPT IS has been one of the leading system integrators in Vietnam and the region. Demonstrating technical capabilities attested to by customers and partners worldwide, we offer solutions and services for key industries of the countries we operate in.

  • Established: December 31, 1994
  • Revenue: USD 208 million (2015)
  • Number of employees: 3,200 (2015)

We have worked side by side with clients for twenty years to provide comprehensive information systems, which has affirmed our effort to help enterprises and organizations improve their management capability, competiveness and business performance.

Our experts, with thorough understanding of client's profession and in-depth knowledge in specific domains, are willing to share experience for mutual development of FPT IS and the client's company, which has become a recognized value of FPT IS for years. We are committed to maintaining the long-term dedicated relationship with clients because it is their success that motivates and inspires us to develop and move forward.

Parent company: FPT Corporation

Our parent group – FPT Corporation – is the leading name in ASEAN ICT industry. With over 22,000 employees worldwide, FPT has presence in 19 countries and nearly 90 cities across the globe. FPT operates through four core business domains of Technology, Telecommunications, Distribution – Retailing, and Education. Being member of such major organization has empowered FPT IS towards sustainable development.

About FPT IS

FPT IS through the years
A global company and an ICT leader in the region.
Worldwide flexible and strong coordination
Devoted and effortful for values creation
Tightened and effective management process
FPT's culture = Solidary + Dynamic + Humorous